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This is our studio that is located in our home and where I do all my tracking and producing. 

There are two rooms attached to each other and hooked up to be able to record in either room. The production room is where i do most of the tracking and producing. 

I am able to do everything for a full production from this small studio.

The live room/song writing room has an upright piano that is hooked up to be able to record live sessions as well as room mics and other mics for vocals. So if desired it would be possible to do a small living room style live session to get more of that authentic feel. 

This is also the room my wife and I use a lot for songwriting sessions, both by ourselves as well as with other talented songwriters in our community.



chandler limited tg2

JDK audio R-20

universal audio 4-710D

universal audio apollo 8 & twin

audioscape LA-2A


moog minotaur

yamaha upright m2

fenders japanese stratocaster 80s

fender jazz bass

yamaha japanese nippon FG 140

danelecreo baritone

lyle acoustic guitar

fender twin reverb

70's el84 PA tube amp

egnater rebel-20

mellotron micro

danelectro spring reverb

korg volca beats

custom made casette tape delay

various guitar pedals

sony tc-630 real to real tape machine


wunder audio cm7 suprema

soyuz 013 (pair)

AKG 414 BULS version

shure SM7b

electro voice PL20

sennheiser MD421

sennheiser MD441

shure SM57 & 58

shure unidyne 545

RM BIV-1 ribbon microphone (pair)

electro voice 635a

earthworks SR314

various computer plugins

universal audio

plugin alliance



home studio production room full
home studio production room side view
home studio live room upright piano yamaha
guitars and amps
guitar pedals
pre amp rack
custom made casette tape recorder
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